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Talk about the welding machine

In the market, there are mainly 3 types welding machines according to its different final products. One type is welding mesh in rolls, the other one is mesh in panel.

Let’s talk about the welding machine in rolls first.

Firstly, if the welding product is in rolls, then the wire diameter usually no more than 4mm. In this range, there are several types welding machines due to different wire diameter and different uses. Generally, if the wire diameter is from0.3-1.2mm, opening sizes usually is from 1/2’’ to 1’’. This is the mostly common type machine in the market. The product is widely used constructions and industry. This type machine has good market in most of the developing countries. Such as India, Africa countries and so on.

Secondly rolls machine is wire diameter from 1.5mm to 2.0mm, at the same time, the opening size will be from 1’’ to 2’’. This type machine is the middle type welding machine in the market, its advantage is wire diameter range is very big and its opening sizes easy to change to a lot. This type machine usually has a different wire feeding system, before all of the feeding is by wire stand, and now people all use the two-floor wire stands to save half space than before. 

For the rolls mesh, the biggest wire diameter is 4mm usually. Actually this is large enough for the use of the floor heating network. Because of the wire diameter is much more thicker, the final mesh roller is special made and separately working at the last step of the machine production line. It has its own small motor to work also. At the same time, the opening sizes is cant too small , usually from 50mm as the line space of beginning. 

For a welding mesh, if the final product is panel, people usually called it fence, the machine being called fence welding machine

fence welding machine

Due to different wire diameter, one type is from 2.5mm to 6mm, the opening size is ffrom 50x50mm to 200x200 and 300x300mm. this is the best seller machine in the market because it has too many places to use its products and easy to operate. This machine only need 2 people to operate it, one for control cabinet and one for wire feeding. In the wire feeding system, the wire need to be pre-cut by wire straighting and cutting machine, it is very simple machine to make the wire from wire stand to make it very straight and cut into different length you need. It is working fully automatic. Then the people waiting at the position of the wire feeding of the welding fence machine, this part need the people put the wire one piece by piece in the right position by hand, then the machine will welding automatic and control by the cabinet . how does the coress wire falling? It is also same been pre-cut by the wire straighting and cutting machine and put it in the electrical hopper. When the machine welding the hopper will feeding cross wire automatic and falling one by one. It is no need pt by hand. This is save a lot of time and people in the line.  After weling , there are mesh pulling system at the machine and the hook will fixed the mesh position and pulling it behind of the machine . this is a complete working progress of the welding fence machine. 

In another type of welding machine,it is the biggest of the welding wire diameter usually max 12mm or more than 12 mm. these final products mostly used in buildings, bridges and big constructions. So the machine usually be called reinforcing mesh welding machine.

reinforcing mesh welding machine

The opening sizes min from 100x100mm. the machine is heavy type and need bigger transformer of the user’s workshop. The capacity of this machine cant be reach more than 100 tons per day. One machine need at least 2 people to look after . we can make fully automatic type machine for client, from wire feeding to final product we can make the line automatic. We have 3 enginenrs mainly design the new type machine according to clients’ special inquire. 

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