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Structural features of wire mesh loom.

Wire Mesh Weaving Machine for sale Structural characteristics of

Wire Mesh Weaving Machine for sale Structural features of web weaving machine:

Servo motor drive

Electromechanical integration, from spinning, cutting, transmission network, lock edge to mesh molding automatic completion.

Technical parameters

Production capacity: 60-120 (m2 / h)

Steel wire diameter:

Spinneret number: double silk.

Wire Mesh Weaving Machine for sale

(description: steel wire standard conforms to: gb3081-82 yb544-65 steel wire material: b1f-b3f.)

Mesh area: a variety of options can also be made according to user requirements to make various mesh.

30 x30 (mm)

40 x40 (mm)

50 x 50 (mm)

55 x 55 (mm)

60 x 60 (mm)

65 x65 (mm)

70 x70 (mm)

75 x75 (mm)

80x80 (mm), etc.

Width of mesh: 0-2000 (mm), mesh length: optional.

Power: servo motor: 3.7kw one motor: 4.0kw 2.0.12kw.

Dimensions: length x width x height (m) 4.5 x 4.5 * 2.0.

Advantages: high efficiency, smooth mesh, good locking and low labor intensity.

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