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How to solve the failure of wire drawing machine?

In user operation wire drawing machine for sale When it comes to equipment, there is often a lot of trouble.The common problem is that the host machine can not start up and the frequent occurrence of broken wires.So, how can we solve this problem quickly after we have such a problem?

First of all, let's analyze why the wire drawing machine has failed to start such a problem.In fact, there are many factors in this situation, the first reason is that the control power switch of the device is not transferred to ON state, and we should switch the control power switch to ON.

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The second reason may be due to the last time the production process of wire break down the problem, or is caused by failing to reset after downtime, so at this time to reset can be solved.

The third reason may be that the button is closed when the emergency stop button of the wire drawing machine for sale is not closed.The fourth reason is that the inverter jumps off and causes the boot to fail.At this time, you can refer to the information displayed on the frequency converter display board, then turn off the total power supply and wait for 30 seconds to restart.

Another troublesome problem is the constant interruption of the wire drawing process.This will cause us a lot of waste, so we must solve this problem in time.There are several reasons for this problem.For example, the eye mold may be reconfigured due to improper configuration of the eyes.

In addition, it may be that thewire drawing machine for sale is running too fast, which leads to fracture of wire.Or the quality of the wire itself has a problem, should replace the wire;Or the used lubricant has gone bad and should be replaced.

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