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China Gabion Mesh Machine exporter

China Gabion Mesh Machine exporter exitus  Automatic gabion wire mesh machine
The following is introduced :
 Application of the gabion wire mesh

Gabion mesh is widely used in oil, construction, raising, chemical industry warming piping and etc. It is also used in fence, apartment and greening. The hexagonal wire netting can be used in protecting sea wall, hillside, road, bridge and civil engineering. It is one of the best material against flooding.
It can weave 4.0mm wire easily like normal machine weave 2.4mm wire mesh, and speed is also quickly as normal style

4300mm Max Mesh Weaving Width Heavy Duty Hexagonal Gabion Machine for 3.5mm Wire, 22kw
Three Twist Gabion Hexagonal Wire Netting Machines With Automatic Oil System

Gabion Machine Introduction:

China Gabion Mesh Machine exporter

Our machine adopts PLC frequency control after being improved. The advantages for PLC frequency control for you. 1, It is touch screen control. 2, It has the function of frequency control of motor speed according to different wire diameter. 3, It has buffer function when speed increase or decrese in very short time. 4, It can count output every day or every year. 5, It can save about 30% energy.

Specifications of Gabion Box machine
Mesh: 60*80mm, 100*120mm
Maximum width: 4300mm
Wire dia: 4.0mm
Overall size: 5755*1400*2800mm
Weight: 18 MT
Gabion Box machine

Function of The Gabion Wire mesh machine

Protect the base slope of Hydraulic, highway, railway, protect Ecological revetment, the control of Eco-border, the engineer of protecting sea.
Parameter of the machine
1. Mesh opening size: 100*120mm and100*140mm
2. Weaving width: 4300mm
3. Galvanized wire diameter: 2-3.6mm
4. Power: 22kw (main machine power)
5. Dimension: 7200*1400*2300mm
6. Weight: 17MT
7. Capacity: 165*4(l*w) (660 square meters per hour)

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