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Hexagonal Mesh Machine for sale parameters

Hexagonal Mesh Machine for sale parameters
The Hexagonal Mesh Machine for sale produced by Hebei Diaoqi Wire Mesh Equipment Co., Ltd. has also been well received by our customers. Let's take a closer look at its technical parameters:
Silk: 0.3-1.0mm
Mesh: 3/8"--2"
Weaving width: 0.3-1.0mm
Motor: 3KW

Accessories: Yellowing Machine, Shafting Machine

Hexagonal Mesh Machine

Hexagonal Mesh Machine for sale also has many uses, such as:
1. Power plant pipes and boilers keep warm;
2, antifreeze, residential protection, landscaping protection;
3, building wall fixed, thermal insulation, heat insulation;

4, raise chickens ducks, isolation chickens and ducks, play a role in protecting poultry;

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