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Chain hook net machine production plant

Chain hook net machine production plant

Chain hook net machine production plant. Our factory (Hebei Diaozhuo Wire Mesh Equipment Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer of machinery. Let customers buy the rest assured, with the peace of mind, we look forward to your call. At this point, the monofilament machine is a miracle. The diameter of the wire diameter ranges from 1mm to 5mm in diameter, 1cm to 20cm in aperture, and 0.5m to 6m in width, so the monofilament machine is also known to users as a decorative mesh machine and bed. Noodle netting machine, this is a description of the performance and adaptability of the monofilament machine. It can be twisted and twisted, but it can also be twisted and screwed at the same time. Fully automatic double wire hooking machine is more efficient than single wire hooking machine. However, it is subject to many restrictions. For example, the requirements for silk and the control speed of the threading speed are very strict. It is required that the strength of the twin wire must be uniform (in fact, it is difficult to guarantee), otherwise it will fail when the mesh is worn. Can't wear continuous webs. The failure of the twin wire design concept determines the impracticality of the twin wire machine.

Chain hook net machine production plant

From a literal point of view, the wire mesh netting machine is a machine that specializes in the production of hook nets. The hook wire net is a kind of product that is deeply loved in the wire mesh industry in Anping. It is mainly used as a conveyor belt, a stadium fence and other products. Among them, the hook flower net is relatively practical, simple and generous, and it is deeply loved by everyone. However, everyone may not understand the mechanism of the production of hook flower nets. Xiao Bian will introduce it to you. According to the appearance and application of its products, the chain link netting machine is also known as a diamond mesh machine. It is also known as the active mesh machine, the metal (iron) wire mesh weaving machine, the conveyor mesh belt machine, the slope protection mesh machine, and the coal mine support. Net machine, anchor net machine and other different names.

Protection of machinery and equipment, highway guardrail, stadium fence, road green belt protection net. After the screen is made into a box-shaped container, it is filled with chaos and other cages, which can be used to protect and support seawalls, hillsides, bridges, reservoirs and other civil engineering works. It is a good material for flood control and flood resistance. Can also be used for handicraft manufacturing, machinery and equipment transmission network. Adopted domestic well-known PLC, the performance is more stable, after the long-term test of the market stable performance and high durability of the main control circuit board, humanized operating procedures, man-machine display interface is more friendly (can also be based on customer operating habits, redesign the program, for Your tailor-made machine is more suitable for your machine. Mechanical structure part: The well-known brand of servo system is used (for the industry's first, the general industry only uses ordinary motor clutch sensors, and the machine uses only one motor. No need to.)

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