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Diamond mesh machine (Chain link fence machine)

I. Overview

ZLW-2000 type, metal mesh diamond knitting machine has a reasonable structure, reliable use, simple operation, reducing raw materials, good quality, high production efficiency, mainly composed of pressure wire mechanism, gearbox, wire rack, cooling system.

= 2 \* ROMAN \* MERGEFORMAT II.the main technical features

1. Motor: 4.0kw 380v.

2, cooling pump 125w380v.

3, electromagnet, electromagnetic clutch working voltage 24V.

4, external dimensions 4500*2500*2000mm.


Wire diameter DA=φ2.0-φ4.0mm.

The maximum net length L is optional.

Wire width standard size 2000mm optional. Can also be customized according to user needs.

Mesh direction right silk diamond mesh.

Material can use the national standard galvanized iron wire.

IV. Operational matters

1. It is forbidden to pick gloves during operation to prevent accidents.

2, check all parts of the electrical, electromagnetic clutch, gear, mold, oil, cooling system is good and so on.

3, no exception can drive production.

4. Add 30# motor oil to the iron box.

5. Add floating liquid and water in the cooling tank.

6. The wire-wrapping mold is composed of a guide plate, a screw sleeve and a fixed bracket, and a reasonable mold is selected according to the size of the mesh type, fixed on the bracket, and the iron wire is smoothed by adjusting the screw sleeve before and after, and the resistance of the pressure wire mechanism is controlled to control the leveling of the product quality.

7, to achieve automatic state network.

There are some pictures about the chain link fence machine for your reference

chain link fence machine

chain link fence machine

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