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Classification of Steel Grating Welding Machine

Classification of Steel Grating Welding Machine
Steel Grating Welding Machine: There are welding speed adjustment, welding operation and welding adjustment and other functions; welding is set on the control box, mainly used to adjust the position of the equipment; the control system has a linkage interface operation machine to hold the forging billet with the hydraulic press or The forging hammer completes the auxiliary forging machine that performs the main actions such as feeding, turning, and turning the head.
Steel Grating Welding Machine
Forging manipulators help improve working conditions and increase production efficiency. According to needs, the manipulator can also be used for loading and unloading, remote control and linkage with the host. The operating machine structure is divided into two types, rail and trackless, and its transmission methods are mechanical, hydraulic and hybrid. In addition, there are manipulators that are specially used for certain auxiliary operations, such as loading and unloading manipulators and tool manipulators. In order to match the operation of the manipulator, sometimes the forging blank rotary table is configured to facilitate the turning of the billet. In forging and large stamping, the use of robots has become increasingly common. Such a robot is actually an automatic forging manipulator.
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