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Crimped Wire Mesh Machine Features and Categories

Crimped Wire Mesh Machine Features and Categories
Crimped Wire Mesh Machine is also known as Crimped Wire Mesh Machine, also known as pre-bending forming machine, embossing machine, mine screening machine, and square-mesh machine are mainly used for the production of ginning network.

Crimped Wire Mesh Machine can be divided into three types: semi-automatic Cripped Wire Mesh Machine, fully-automatic Crimped Wire Mesh Machine, hydraulic Cripped Wire Mesh Machine.

Crimped Wire Mesh Machine

Crimped Wire Mesh Machine is one of the wire mesh machines. One of the most advanced manufacturers of wire mesh machinery, known in the field of wire mesh machinery, has developed a new Crimped Wire Mesh Machine that employs stepless variable-speed variable-frequency motors to control mechanical operating speeds in order to meet wire and mesh requirements. Within it, we achieved the fastest weaving speed, realized full automation, programmed control, and high-efficiency production.

The new Crimped Wire Mesh Machine breaks through the traditional model of keyboard silk weaving. It uses dual-Kun radiation, improves the weaving frequency and the mechanical stability of the weft, and is more convenient to operate. The electromagnetic clutch senses the automatic braking and effectively improves the performance by one and a half times. The production efficiency and the mechanical failure rate are close to zero, and full-automatic weaving with a thread diameter of 2 mm or less can be realized.

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