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Common problems and solutions of rhombic net machine.

Diamond mesh machine in use process will inevitably appear all sorts of problems, of course, said the problem is not the problem of machine, but use, is when the operation is not in place there will be a problem, the following wire mesh equipment co., LTD. Hebei carve for you solve Automated Diamond Mesh Machine in use there will be a problem and solution:

1. The same winding number appears, but the length varies.

Rule out: the wire is hard and uneven, change the wire.

2. Mould card

diamond mesh machine.jpg

Troubleshooting: check whether the mold is concentric with the output shaft, and whether the mold is damaged.

3. Failure: the network surface is not smooth.

Rule: adjust the handle wheel.

4. The spindle does not rotate.

Removal: remove the hood and adjust the clutch.

5. No circulation of lubricant.

Exclusion: check the water pump, the liquid level is too low, add lubricant.

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