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Analysis and solution to the cause of wire drawing process interruption.

It is not uncommon for a Wire Drawing Machine to break the wire during the drawing process, and some customer friends will all attribute it to the mechanical equipment.In fact, this statement is not accurate. We can't exclude the problem of some parts of the equipment, but it can't all be attributed to the machine equipment.Because there are many reasons for breaking silk, let's take a look at what's going to happen.

Wire Drawing Machine

The cause of wire breaking in wire drawing machine.

1. In the process of drawing annealing, the voltage and current are not stable. Under the action of unstable current for a long time, the wire can be easily broken or the wire is blown off by the instantaneous current.

2. Wire breakage: due to high carbon content or other reasons of wire or rod material, the tension is not enough, resulting in the breaking of wire in the pull-out process.

3. The drawing die of wire drawing machine will become larger and become a possibility of breaking wire due to normal wear during the long running process.

The solution of wire cutting condition of wire drawing machine.

1. The use of wire drawing machine for wire or rod ready before pull-out test work, wire if occurrence quality problem timely replacement, or reduce the pull-out rate according to actual condition, ensure the normal operation.

2. Pay attention to the current situation of the wire drawing equipment, and whether there will be too many transient current events.Special attention should be paid to the change of return current, or to install a stabilizer, voltage stabilizer, etc.Ensure the normal operation of wire drawing equipment.

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