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The relationship between Drawing speed and Drawing force of Wire Drawing Machine

The practice tells us that the Drawing speed and Drawing force of Wire Drawing Machine cannot be improved at the same time. When the operating speed of the equipment is increased, the Drawing force will decrease accordingly. Why does this happen? Let me give you an analysis of why.

If root cause, because of Wire Drawing Machine speed increase at the same time, the lubrication conditions have improved, reducing the friction coefficient, so overcome the external friction and the additional shear deformation will inevitably will also reduce the force required, this will make the Drawing force is reduced. In fact, there are advantages. At least the security system of Wire Drawing Machine will be improved.

Wire Drawing Machine

But the Wire Drawing Machine Drawing speed is not too high, otherwise the device start moment of steel Wire is easy to be pulled, even should choose high speed Wire Drawing Machine, should pay attention to configure appropriate speed regulating device, and ensure the steady acceleration in the process of operation, to ensure that the Drawing operation can be carried out as normal and.
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