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Are you looking for high quality and good price welding machine?Hebei Diaozhuo Wire Mesh Equipment Co.,Ltd.is a  welding machine supplier.

Our equipment is specially designed and researched on the basis of enhancing steel bar truss girder welding machine stability, reducing the energy consumption and noise, reducing size. It is applied in the construction machinery industry.

Main contents of research and development:

1. high pressure high flow hydraulic system to meet the production requirements;

2. clamping structure to clamp five steel bars at the same time;

3. movable structure to adjust the push distance conveniently.

4. Improved straightening mechanism to reduce noise and large energy consumption from existing equipment, by pulling steel bar through a set of straightening roller to straighten the steel bar with energy saving and less noise, reduce the structure size and feeding stable.

5. Hydraulic system to replace five straighten electric motors, one servo motor and one air compressor, to reduce the energy consumption and noise and more stable during the production.

Welding Machine

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