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Steel Grating Welding Machine,We look forward to working with you to establish long-term relations of cooperation

1, Design basis:

Steel grating max width & length:995mm &6000mm can be customized
Flat bar width(height): 20mm -60mm
Flat bar pitch: 30,40mm, can be customized.
Twisted bar pitch: 50, 100mm, can be customized.
Flat bar thickness: 2-6mm can customized
Twisted bar : 5x5mm, 6x6mm
The size from end of flat bar to first cross bar is settable, Inclusive of all necessary assemblies from Bearing bar feeder to finish grating conveyer on output side.

The machine is to finish flat bars and square twisted steel welding automatic machine.
It is single phase AC input, the power grid will be not balance, the welding current is AC.

1,Easy to operate and display clearly. By means of terminal man-machine interaction can achieve functions following: real-time monitor machine's performance; set line rod pitch and number; record numbers of work-piece.
2,Transformer is made by superimposing silicon steel sheets which are high quality and imported. Transformer has internal water cooling, casting by epoxy resin and has the function for warning of over-temperature.
3, There is function for fault self-monitor, displaying on the LED screen.
4, Very strong protecting functions: non-water and insufficient water pressure, transformer over-heat SCR over-heat, over-big current and over-load.
Applications: the platform of such trades as petroleum, chemical industry, electron, quay, municipal administration, environmental protection, national defence etc.
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