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CNC hexagonal mesh machine equipment

Our factory production of products sold at home and abroad more than 40 countries and regions. The main products are: CNC automatic hexagonal machine, CNC positive and negative screw machine, CNC hexagonal mesh machine equipment, wire hexagonal machine, heavy hexagonal machine, horizontal gabion machine, , The size of the hexagonal machine equipment, twist flowers network machines, automatic hook spent network machines, simple hook spent network machines, barbed wire machines, lawn machines, root web weaving machines, logistics equipment. At the same time, the sale of a variety of hexagonal, gabion, chain link fence, and a variety of materials such as iron wire and steel wire. Our company after 30 years of practice and accumulation, mastered a variety of construction machinery products from design to production and processing of a full set of technology.Hexagonal net production of hexagonal wire galvanized wire more material. Galvanized wire can be processed from high-quality low-carbon steel, after a series of processing processes derived galvanized wire. Galvanized wire can be divided into hot-dip galvanized wire and galvanized wire according to the different ways of galvanizing.
Production process: the general selection of wire rod as raw material, first after drawing to determine the size of galvanized wire size, and then pickling rust, followed by high temperature annealing, galvanized cooling, galvanized in accordance with the supply of galvanized and divided into different heat Galvanized and galvanized wire. The basic process: wire rod --- pull --- pickling --- annealing --- galvanized --- finished
Features: galvanized wire has excellent flexibility and corrosion resistance, the highest amount of zinc up to 300g / square meter
hexagonal mesh machine
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